How to Build A Powerful Network

‘If you are the most important person in the room then you are in the wrong room’ 

 In this episode, Nick delivers a masterclass on building a network sharing how he did it and what he’s learnt. 

When you are building a network it’s too linear to only consider the business you need to have a more rounded holistic view. Some of it is absolutely about business, some of it is absolutely about your personal growth and having a trusted tribe around you gives you personal value alongside operational and strategic value 

It’s a combination of who you are, your brand and putting yourself in a place of challenge. 

You have to build a network because if you don’t have one you are missing out and you’ve got everything you need in this episode to build a powerful network. 



  • You’ve got to be able to get people around you in a true and authentic way a network makes a difference but you have to be strategic about it. 
  • What is the purpose of your networking? – When you know this you can focus on networking and adding value. 
  • Check your mindset and change your view 
  • Instead of asking ‘what’s in it for me?’ 
  • Think ‘how can I help someone and what can I learn?’ 
  • A strong network can offer you support, challenge and  development 
  • If you’ve helped someone they don’t mind helping you back. 
  • You are building a trusted and trustworthy network, nothing else matters. 


7 tips 

  1. Approach networking with a mindset of abundance – how can I help, what can I offer? 
  1. Be strategic in both the building and leveraging of your network – don’t ever make it transactional or manipulative. 
  1. When you are in a situation find a place of common interest, listen to people and be curious. 
  1. Ask for advice, people will want to share and you will get value. 
  1. Invest time in your network without expectation of immediate return. 

My intent is that each person goes away with something that is useful to them 

  1. Make sure some of those in your network are outside of your organisation. You need to have people around you who are not like you. 
  1. Acknowledgement is important in growing your leadership impact. This is about you the leader, the more you are able to lead yourself the more wide-ranging and effective your network becomes. 



‘Take the time to be present at the event- you want to be the person who has less quantity and more quality interactions’ 

‘At its core networking is simply a group of  people with interests in their own success and helping you achieve yours’ 

‘Don’t be afraid to leverage your network, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t ask my network for help’ 



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My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor. 

My background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses. 

Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds – with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events. 

I’m passionate about personal and professional development – showing up and being the best version of myself … every day. 

My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations – so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms – utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good. 







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